Zoning and Building requirement update- March 2016

All zoning and building permits for additions, porches, sheds etc. now require a completed PA One call (dial 811) before approval.  This process will inform you of any utility easements/lines on your property.  No structures are to be placed on these lines.  Utility easements/lines need to be placed on the plot plan, if any on the property.  The zoning and building permits are listed below.  All forms needed to be completed and notarized before submission to the township.  

An Occupancy Permit is needed for all changes in COMMERCIAL use inside and outside of the building 

Zoning Certificate (aka Occupancy Permit) is needed whenever there is a change in the following: 

1.) Occupy or use of any vacant land
2.) Occupy or use any structure hereafter constructed, reconstructed, reconstructed, moved, altered, or enlarged
3.) Change in the use of a structure or to a different use
4.) Change a nonconforming use to a permitted use
5.) Applicatins for a zoning certificate shall be accompanied by a plot plan showing clearly and completely the location, dimension and nature of and structure involved and such other information as the Zoning Officer may require for the administration of Chapter 430.05B of the Codified Ordinances (Ordinance 302), along with a filing fee in accordance with a schedule affized by resolution of the Board of Commissioners.   

A Zoning Certificte application is also used for any detached structure under 1000 sq ft. without utilities on RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY. ie: sheds, fences, treehouses, car ports/ garage etc.  A building permit may not be needed and will be determined by the Building Inspector once the application is reviewed.  

The Zoning Certificate application is listed below


Zoning Map 

Zoning Setbacks

Zoning Uses




Please visit Building Inspection Underwriter's website for detailed information concerning requirements and additional permits for your project    ADDITIONAL PERMIT INFORMATION CLICK HERE

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