Shouse Park Rental

Shouse Park is located : 1391 McCutcheon Way Crescent, PA 15046

Shouse Park is located along the Ohio River, nestled in our beautiful township.  Offering play areas, a ballfield, and three large pavilions.  The pavilions are a wonderful place to hold a birthday party, shower, work event, family reunion, scouting event or any other gathering that would enjoy the outdoor feel.  Each pavilion has electricity, water, a charcoal grill and between 8 to 10 covered picnic tables.    This park is truly one of Allegheny County's best kept secrets.

Reservations start the beginning of each calendar year.  In order to reserve a pavilion of your choice, fill out the form below and bring cash or check to the township office. Please call ahead to reserve your pavilion!



This pavilion is on the southern back end of the park and is secluded by trees.  The large chidlren's playground is very convenient for children and parent's alike.  This the becoming the favorite among park renters.  This site has electricity, water pump, and grills.  The quietness and seclusion are the main attraction to this site.



Huwar is the most rented pavilion in the park.  Huwar offers a kitchen area complete with a sink and refrigerator.  This pavilion is located in the center of the park and is beside McCuthceon Field.  Restrooms are located on the opposite end of this pavilion.  Reserve this site early, dates goes quick!



Davis is the first pavilion on the right as one enters Shouse Park. Davis offers a quaint play area close to the shelter and is just right of McCutcheon Field.  This shelter has electricity, water and grills available.

  Shouse Park Pavilion Information  These prices do not include a $50.00 refundable deposit fee.

Rental Fees Resident Resident Non-Resident Non-Resident
  (Mon-Thu) (Fri-Sun) (Mon-Thu) (Fri-Sun)
Huwar $88 $100 $138 $163
Walters $75 $88 $113 $138
Davis $75 $88 $113 $138
Entire Park $250 $250 $250 $250



Shouse Park




VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR THE PARKS BOARD COMMITTEE! Contact the Municipal office for details

The Crescent Township Parks Board has a mission to provide all residents with a safe and enjoyable experience for the many parks and pavilions the township has to offer. The Parks Board is dedicated to assisting the Township Board of Commissioners to enhance the community's opportunities in fulfilling their needs. The Parks Board offers advice and assistance to the Board of Commissioners on the development and wellbeing of parks in the Township. The Board is made up of 5 voting members that shall be appointed by the Board of Commissioners from the Township at large. Members of the Parks Board will serve 5 year terms which shall conclude on the 31st day of December in their 5th year.  If you are interested in sitting on the Parks Board, please contact the Municipal office for more details.

The Parks Board meets the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Multi Purpose Room. All residents are encouraged to attend.