Board of Commissioners


The Township Meetings are the Second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Township Municipal Building.

The Township is governed by five elected officials. Commissioners are elected from the Township to a four year term. The Board is responsible for adopting budgets, setting taxes, and fees, establishing township operational policies, hiring employees, enacting ordinances, approving subdivision and land development plans, entering into contracts and agreements, appointing members to various boards and commissions, and maintaining Township roads for the safety of the public.

The Township is governed by five commissioners elected by the voters. The Board has legislative, executive and administrative powers as outlined in the First Class Township Code.


Todd Miller- President                                                                          Richard Withee - Vice President & Finance




Michael Chicora (Public Works)                                                         Arthur Buccigrossi   (Public Safety)                                    


Renee Whiteman (Parks & Recration)

Meeting Dates and Times

Board meetings are held at the Municipal Building the Second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm. 

 In the event the meeting falls on a holiday, changes are as advertised. Any person with a disability requiring a special accommodation to attend a Board of Commissioners meeting should notify the Township Office at (724) 457-8100. The Township building is handicap accessible.

MONDAY: 10 AM, 1 PM, 6 PM

The Township of Crescent was created in 1855. It was given the name Crescent because it was formed from a portion of Moon Township. With a population of around 2,726, Residents. 1,160 houses and having a total area of 2.1  square miles, Crescent Township maintains a small town feel. Labeled the “Gateway to Allegheny County” on its entrance from the Borough of South Heights, Crescent Township serves as a small community to its residents who desire to have that hometown feel while still being close to the City.

Over the past year the Township has started to see many changes and with the continued hard work of its employees and residents, we hope to see the Township of Crescent flourish into an even better place to call home.


Todd Miller
-term ending 2025

Vice President &  Finance
Richard Withee 
- term ending 2023

Parks & Recreation
Renee Whiteman 
- term ending 2023

Public Safety
Art Buccigrossi 
- term ending 2025

Public Works
Michael Chicora 
- term ending 2023