Hockey Dek and Riverview Park

Hockey Dek & Riverview Park are located:  1384 Riverview Rd  Crescent, PA 15046

First Annual Winter Carnival held by the Parks Board





VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR THE PARKS BOARD COMMITTEE! Contact the Municipal office for details

The Crescent Township Parks Board has a mission to provide all residents with a safe and enjoyable experience for the many parks and pavilions the township has to offer. The Parks Board is dedicated to assisting the Township Board of Commissioners to enhance the community's opportunities in fulfilling their needs. The Parks Board offers advice and assistance to the Board of Commissioners on the development and wellbeing of parks in the Township. The Board is made up of 5 voting members that shall be appointed by the Board of Commissioners from the Township at large. Members of the Parks Board will serve 5 year terms which shall conclude on the 31st day of December in their 5th year.  If you are interested in sitting on the Parks Board, please contact the Municipal office for more details.

The Parks Board meets the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Multi Purpose Room. All residents are encouraged to attend.